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Electric Synergy Partners

A Focus on Service Solutions

With two decades of experience in the electric utility industry, the founders of ESP recognized the need for
a dedicated resource to address the massive volume of specific services. See the Services Offered sections for more detail.  

Provide electric & communications utilities, contractors, and developers innovative service solutions, while impacting communities through economic development, employment opportunities, training, competitive wages, and community involvement.

Electric Synergy Partners was established to be the standard with respect to maintenance, installation, and repair of specific electric and communication infrastructure

for utilities, developers, and contractors. Electric Synergy Partners is focused on delivering innovative solutions through collaboration, planning, and execution.

Our goal is to identify strategic approaches that simultaneously provide positive budgetary impact, improves reliability, and drives customer satisfaction

core values

Electric Synergy Partners


Through fairness, inclusion, and ensuring equal opportunity; doing the right thing!


Follow the rules, work your training, heighten awareness, look out for one another.


By way of our actions, interaction, appearance, and respectfulness.

ESP Safety Focus

Zero accidents is the most important tenant in our safety philosophy.