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A Focus On Utility Services

Electric Synergy Partners is dedicated to partnering with utilities, contractor, and developers to provide a wide verity of service solutions 

Our Story

Electric Synergy Partners is a SBE/MBE class A Highway Heavy contractor established by Ed Lockett and Earth Thomas. Earth and Ed met in the Dominion Energy Lineman Training and Development program where they formed a unique friendship. Through the years the two maintained contact personally and professionally and found themselves taking similar career paths. As they progressed in their careers it became clear that certain services are often pushed aside due to other work types taking priority. It also became clear that due to the massive volume of these services, it is nearly impossible to keep up with existing resources. The local utility offices do not have the manpower necessary to keep up, and the system contractor resources are tasked with working larger scale time sensitive projects.

With a Birdseye view of the dilemma this creates for the utilities; the founders decided to form Electric Synergy Partners to offer a solution. They understand these companies want to perform all services in a timely manner; it is their commitment to the customers and communities. After several years of discussion and research to determine what service areas are often impacted, service offerings were developed accordingly.  By recognizing some services in the electric and communication utilities continually fall short of adequate attention, and some prime contractor resources are often overloaded with projects due to local office resource constraints, our services are strategically tailored to assist as a resource with a focus on the identified work types.

Our company was established with a strategic purpose to be the preferred service provider for projects that often cause backlogs, or present challenges staying current due to the endless volume. During the planning and development of ESP, we wanted to ensure our company kept safety, our people, technology, the community, and environment as our fundamental building blocks. We believed if our company is built using these principals any other aspect of business can be implemented with little difficulty. We strive to build a healthy culture where safety and the welfare of every employee in our organization is the primary focus. We promote treating others as you wish to be treated and hate of no kind will be tolerated. A culture in which everyone’s opinion is heard and respected. We consider our company a people’s company that provides service. The way we see it, regardless of what you do, people and relationships matter most.

Our goal is to identify strategic approaches that simultaneously provide positive budgetary impact, improves reliability, and drives customer satisfaction. Electric Synergy Partners is focused on delivering innovative solutions through collaboration with electric utilities, communication utilities, prime utility contractor, general contractors, and government entities.