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A focus on secodaries on services

With two decades of experience in the electric utility industry, the founders of ESP recognized the need for
a dedicated resource to address the massive volume of secondary voltage level customer projects.

Proactive Inspection And Maintenance Of Residential Facilities

Electric Synergy Partners will work with your project team to strategically plan and implement our proactive inspection & maintenance program on your system! Our inspections will be performed using ESP’s custom inspection and maintenance technology. This system was developed through a combination of 20 plus years of hands-on field experience, and todays most advanced software and cloud technologies. At ESP, we understood that taking on a project of this magnitude, with massive residential customer accounts, would require a unique approach. Conducting these inspections on a system wide level is a major undertaking and our system was developed with that in mind.

We ask ourselves, how do we take a problem that has existed for more than a century, apply today’s technology, streamline the process to ensure maximum results fostering positive customer impact, while drastically reducing impact on business units within the utility company. We took it a step further by ensuring our system was built to allow flexibility and customization for each utility. We can run our program on your system using the data provide that is best suited for your company. Rather you wish to receive extremely detailed reporting or basic reports, not a problem. Need photos? Do you want to create 1 work request number for each customer location, or 1 work request number to cover all customers reporting to a specific mainline device? We understand each utility is different and will have their own vision regarding results being sought and the best method of achievement. Want to take more of a hands-off approach and let Electric Synergy Partners run with this? Rest assured, we have it covered! Our approach allows ESP to drive efficiency and productivity through the utilization of technology.

 During the inspection process, the inspector will analyze every component of the customer’s secondary electric service facility while being guided by the inspection form in ESP’s custom mobile app. Our inspection form was created to specifically focus on identifying and addressing failing secondary residential infrastructure.  All responses are logged, directed by the application intelligence, and dispatch to technicians accordingly. This project will enable utilities to proactively identify unsafe equipment conditions and take corrective actions to prevent service failures or severe damage to customer facilities. By taking this proactive stance, utilities help limit customer expenses related to damaged facilities, improve customer reliability, enhances the customer experience, while solving a centuries old problem.

Additional Secondary Services


Residential Rewire

Replace EC and WH from Point of Attachment to the line side of the meter base (Re-strap, Rewire). This service will include pulling the meter, cutting the secondary service conductor either at the POA or source, replacing the secondary entrance cable utilizing the electric blue book specifications, terminate the secondary conductor in the line side of the meter base, reconnect service conductor at weather head or source, check voltage and reset the meter.

Drop Service

Cut customer service in the clear at either the source or POA to allow customers to perform maintenance on the exterior, meter base, or service panel box of the structure. Permanent disconnect of single-phase service due to demo’s or moving of structures such as construction trailers, residential mobile homes, sheds, and any other structure needing permanently disconnected. (Not to include service disconnects due to bill issues)

General Maintenance

Replace or repair any equipment found to need address during the inspection. Some of the things that might will considered maintenance needs are: add missing cable strips, replacement of the service weather head, replacing defective or non-approved conductor connectors, replace weather tight, add waterproofing duct seal, replace defective base cover, repair or replace internal meter base parts such as meter stops and blocks and meter base reattachment to the structure.

Temporary Service OH/UG

Connect temporary single phase service structure at POA and source, hang secondary triplex from source to POA if required. Check for shorts, check voltage, set meter. Disconnect temporary single phase service structures, remove service conductor, and return meter.


Underground Service Splice

Splice underground service conductor ends due to residential service relocation, overhead to underground service conversions, cable reel depletion or any other work type dictating the splicing of service conductors.


Residential New Overhead

Terminate service conductor in the meter base, hang source service conductor (Triplex or 4/0 underground) connect service at overhead transformer or mid-span tap, energize new service. Check voltage and set the residential meter.


Residential New Underground

Terminate service conductor in the meter base, transformer or secondary pedestal to energize new service. Check voltage and set the residential meter.

base bugged out

Service Upgrades

Remove inadequate EC and replace with new adequate service EC to support increased amperage. This service will include replacing EC and WH from point of attachment to the line side of the meter base (Re- strap, Rewire). 

Secondary Conductor Upgrade or Improvement

Removal of open wire secondary from source or lift pole to customer POA and replace with triplex. Make necessary secondary connections and restore service.

Meter Base Replacement or Exchange

Replace meter bases found to be inadequate for current service voltage, severally rusted & coorided beyond restoration, contains damaged, broken, or defective internal components that are not replaceable, damage, disfigured, and excessive rust present on the external surface of the meter base.

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