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Communication Utility Services

Synergizing to Find Solutions

We recognize the challenges related to joint use facility transfers. Electric Synergy Partners is prepared to synergize with all parties involved, determine the solution, and get the job done!   


Double poles are a problem. They are problematic for countless reasons but we’ll highlight a couple. First, if a pole was slated for removal because it was damaged or rotten, then leaving it standing is a danger and a liability. If a damaged or rotten pole were to fall and cause damage, the asset owner would likely be responsible. In addition, local governments and the public often see double wood as an eyesore, as well as a hazard for pedestrians. The bottom line: no one wants them in their front yard and they can cause contention between pole owners and attachers. Everyone involved wants attachments transferred from the old pole to the new one, and the old pole to be removed as quickly as possible. 

TOP 6 Reasons To Transfer Poles NOW


Pull Communication Conductors

Work directly with communication companies or prime contractors to pull communication conductor for new construction, overhead to underground projects, and replacements. String fiber and other communication line on overhead poles and structures.

Communications Equipment Installation

Installation of splice boxes, pull boxes, handholes, and other equipment overhead and underground

Communication Conduit Installation

Trench Installation of conduit for commercial and residential projects

Communication Facility Inspections

Perform grid inspections of overhead and underground facilities to ensure safety and operational reliability.

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