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Safety is the main consideration in all we do

We strive to create a culture where safety is everyone’s main focus. The jobs, tasks, and locations will change;  safety remains constant.  

Electric Synergy Partners single most important aspect of any task is to ensure the safety of our crews, other resources involved, and the public at large.

To ensure our crews go home safely everyday: we provide the necessary training, the right tools and equipment for the task being performed, the time needed to perform the task safely, and foster an environment where employees feel comfortable asking questions, collaborating with leadership, and stopping a task when unsure.
All field employees are trained to recognize hazard, assess likely outcomes, implement plans to eliminate and control likely errors,
and utilize human performance tools to properly navigate through each stage to ensure the desired outcome.

Fall Protection

  • Inspect equipment before each use
  • Use the correct equipment for the task
  • Ensure proper setup of ladders/lifts
  • When climbing, use appropriate fall arrest
  • Maintain 3 points of contact on all ladders
  • Always be aware of your footing
  • Do not overreach
  • Ensure proper body position and balance
  • Proper inspection of poles before climbing

Job Hazard Analysis Program

  • Thoroughly assess surrounding work area
  • Thoroughly assess work to be performed
  • Identify and mitigate hazards and likely errors
  • Develop a work plan
  • Clearly communicate the plan
  • Ensure everyone involved know their role
  • Execute task according to plan
  • Stop work and make revisions if necessary

Take 5 - Five Steps to Safety

  1. I know the proper work procedures to do this job safely.
  2. I have recognized, assessed & controlled all Hazards.
  3. I Know what could go wrong & have taken precautions to prevent injury.
  4. I have communicated appropriately to customers & employees
  5. I am prepared to go to work & will complete this job safely

Human Performance

  1. What are the critical steps in this project?
  2. What errors am I likely to make?
  3. What is the most likely worst-case scenario?
  4. What defenses will I use to avoid errors?