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A focus on secodaries and services

With two decades of experience in the electric utility industry, the founders of ESP recognized the need for
a dedicated resource to address the massive volume of secondary voltage level customer projects.

Services Offered As Subcontractor

Residential Backbone Services

Assist prime contractor with Installing and terminating (turnkey) secondary services in new underground subdivisions, services include terminating secondary pedestals, meter bases, terminating secondary services in the transformer, meter sets, equipment stenciling, ringing and tagging individual
services to ensure proper identification, Dig in and splices from the stub up. 

Strategic Underground Projects (Secondary Services)

Splice underground service conductor, rework or replace meter bases to accommodate the change of energy source, perform service cut over, install secondary  junction boxes and strip new entrance cable for services with underground obstructions present at the existing meter base.

Backbone Lighting Service

Ring, Identify & mark individual lighting conductors. Splice conductors in the splice box and street light pole hand hole. Install fuse body and fuses, connect wiring in the light head, stencil lighting poles according to the job sketch, and energize.

Strategic Underground Projects (Facilities Removal)

Removal of de-energized overhead facilities such as conductors, transformers, crossarms, cutouts, arrestors & poles after completion of underground conversion.

Planned Future Service Offerings

Broadband Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing

Splice pole mounted and pedestal housed broadband fiber optic cable for electric utilities and communications companies as part of the rural broadband project.

Broadband Fiber Optic Residential Connection

Collaborate with communication companies to perform residential
connections of Fiber Optic services

EV Charging Infrastructure Installation

Connect with the private sector, commercial business, local, state, and federal government entities to install, connect, and maintain EV changing facilities and part of the federal Build Back Better initiative.

Renewable Energy Projects

Assist electric utilities, prime contractors, local, state, and federal government entities with building and connecting renewable energy infrastructure such as wind turbines and solar farms as part of the
clean energy act.